My Photography Journey

  1. WillKay - Shuffle A Dream

    17 Jul 2015
    People are crowded outside Boxpark. This isn’t anything new. Boxpark has proven to be a great place to shop, eat and catch up with friends. Occasionally there are events where brands collaborate with artists to showcase their work.  Tonight was a cool night. Still t-shirt weather after 7pm. Located at…

  2. New Gen Live

    05 Jul 2015

  3. Working with J Hus

    01 May 2015
    J Hus is on a wave right now. I reach out to him about a quick shoot because I wanted to make sure that he had some professional portraits for press. Thankfully, J Hus agreed to meet with me and we walked around shooting. Nothing planned, no location scouting, just…

  4. Shooting at #TheDen

    01 May 2015

  5. Shooting with SwagLDN

    14 Mar 2015
    Photoshoot with SwagLDN (

  6. In the churchyard with Amber

    24 Aug 2014
    Walking in the city is always good for me. I love London because you find hidden parts of it that is still old. The mixture between the tall glass skyscrapers and old stone buildings is everywhere. Anyway, i had a talk with Charis from Feb Fem models and asked if…

  7. In London with Joey London

    10 Aug 2014
    So, I’ve decided I like shooting fashion bloggers. Fashion bloggers have a passion for fashion and always are documenting new styles and trends. Also they style themselves well, which is great because I’m in now way a stylist. I’ve probably be dressing the same for the last 10 years.I reached…

  8. Wake Up Make Up

    23 Jul 2014
    It’s a beautiful Friday, the sun is shining and I’m tightly griping the Canon 70-200mm that I’ve hired for the weekend. I’ve always wanted to use this lens, so I hired it and challenged myself to find someone to shoot. The problem was, Saturdays weather showed 70% of thunderstorm induced…

  9. Shooting Bank in Bank

    23 Jul 2014
    One day I was sitting looking at images online wondering to myself how I’m going to shoot pictures like my favourite photographers. This is a pipe dream because every photographer has their own style. Realising this, I decided I need to shoot something to get out of the funk I…

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