Marketing Yourself in the Digital Age

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my timeline, as usual. I’m always scrolling. I love Twitter. It gives me an opportunity to tell you what I think about. Whether you read it or not, it allows me to see what I think. That’s cool. Twitter has also been instrumental with my journey through photography. I joined Twitter quite late. I remember shooting shows and people asking me “are these pictures going to be on Twitter” and I’m like, “What?”. Times has changed. Now I’m always on the TL looking for new music, video and ratchet behaviour. 

Twitter has enabled me to get my name and photography in front of people that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. It allows me to show 1,676 (at the time of this post) people what I have created. It is then in their hands to retweet and share if they choose to. It has the potential to reach worldwide audiences. That’s nang. So, as I started saying, I was scrolling through my timeline and I came across a post for an event in the Apple store with the title ‘Marketing Yourself in the Digital Age’. This immediately peaked my interest as this is a subject that I have found myself needing to learn more about. Being able to market yourself properly in a crowded world is very important. I am not the only person taking pictures of the subjects I do. There are others out there and some of them are really good. Competition is fierce because there is a limited amount of work out there. In the scene that I am in, opportunities aren’t too frequent. Not every artist wants a photoshoot for their new single. Being in a position to be chosen for a job is very important and marketing is a big factor.

I looked more into this event and saw some familiar names. Three women that I am fortunate to know, Caroline SM, Parris OH and Jackie Eyewe. Each have made their name by consistently being good at what they do. Their work speaks for itself but also, their online presence shows an insight into their work and intrigues viewers into what they are up to. I find myself checking out their page to see their views and what they are doing as its normally something interesting. Having them talk about Marketing Yourself in the Digital Age makes a lot of sense. I registered for the talk immediately. Good thing I did because it reached capacity a couple days later.

The event was in Covent Gardens which is not far from my work. I killed some time looking in shops trying to find clothes for my new style. Now, I can’t tell you what that style is right now but I guess looking is a good start. I’ve been kind of dressing that same since I was in college. I think it’s time for a change. Anyway, I went to Apple store, took a quick look and the iPad Pro which is ridiculous big but surprisingly light, then went upstairs to get a seat. I was there early as I got bored with window shopping quickly.

The space filled up quickly and the event started with a introduction to the host Kaiya Milan. She then introduced the 3 panellist and went right into the questions. The general information was how to brand and market yourself online and how to make sure that when someone finds your work that there is something else that keeps their attention. Whether it be a running theme and a personality trait that intrigues people. This was the information I came for. What I would like to achieve is for people to see my work, like it, then want to be part of it somehow. I am a big part of that process in a sense that I am the one who is taking the pictures. So it would help if not only they like my work, but also like who I am. That would play a big part in turning a fav on twitter to an email asking for availability. Creating a brand and marketing yourself to appeal to your customer base is necessary to service your target audience. In general, customers want to buy into what you’re about. People want to work with me because they like my work. But I also want them to like my vision and I what I feel I can provide them visually. Caroline, Jackie and Parris all gave relevant information about different ways to use social media and the digital world to your advantage. 

The fact that I am writing this right now at 00:02 is a direct result of Parris saying “you need to work hard. Immerse yourself in what you want to do”. So here I am, updating my website, adding recent images to my portfolio page and thinking of new shoots I can pitch. This evening was great. The talk was informative and the knowledge I picked up I believe to be valuable. It definitely helped that the women taking all had proven track records. I was listening to words spoken by people that currently are practicing what they preach. 

At the end of the event, I found my friend Ashley Verse, another photographer in the scene i’m in who is doing well. We talked about what we need to do to raise our games. I think we will need to record another podcast (Focus Point Podcast) as there were a lot of things that was brought up. I also had a chance to speak to Kojey Radical. He has a great poet and an amazing performer. 

It seemed that everyone was here to learn about how to better themselves. That was inspiring to me and will keep me on the unbeaten path of photography in my scene. If you made it to the end of this post, please let me know by tweeting me: @CourtneyFPhoto - I want to write more about them things I get up to. I am not a writer but maybe i’ll get used to this. Thank you for reading.

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