Shooting Bank in Bank

One day I was sitting looking at images online wondering to myself how I’m going to shoot pictures like my favourite photographers. This is a pipe dream because every photographer has their own style. Realising this, I decided I need to shoot something to get out of the funk I was in.

Being the twitter addict that I am, I began to scroll. I came across a fashion blog post from TV presenter, Craig Mitch. Now, this is why I love twitter. I have in my possession a tool to directly communicate with more or less anyone. So, I did just that. Turns out, he’s seen my work and he agree’s to work with me. So, I start thinking of concepts and styling. I decide to contact a stylist I follow on Instagram. After an email or 2, the communication stops and I’m back to square one. Fortunately, Craig Mitch is quite a fashionable guy which prompted me to contact him in the first place.

As the days go by, I get a message asking If I would shoot his girlfriend, the newly signed Model 1 agency represented Nada Adelle. I reply, “Sure”. In reality I’m smiling from ear to ear.
We arrange to meet in the City where I made sure I was easy to spot but sporting the Canon 70-200mm lens. It’s a beast of a lens. Quite heavy but having the ability to zoom in, throw the background into gooey bokeh blurriness is wonderful. I like using long lens for the compression it offers especially when shooting close portraits of faces. I hired it for the weekend and I made sure use it.

Anyway, I digress, we met in the city. They arrived in matching apparel provided by Bank Clothing which was striking. The colours were bright and I was happy as I knew it would look great in camera. We walk, talked, laughed and took some great images. Shooting with Craig and Nada was easy as their chemistry in undeniable and translated straight through my camera lens.

Craig Mitch - @CraigxMitch
Nada Adelle - @NadaAdellex
BANK Fashion - @BANKfashion

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