My Photography Journey

  1. The Ghost Of Cyphers Past

    06 Sep 2016
    Two years ago, the game changed. I witnessed an artist that had been making his mark in the Grime and Rap world cause a seismic shift. Whilst walking behind a large camera trying not to trip over the cables as it moved on a semi-circle track around a studio, everyone…

  2. A Night To Remember with Krept & Konan

    03 Apr 2016
    If you were to ask anyone in the UK to name the biggest names in rap, Krept & Konan will be in the list of names mentioned. It has been this way since thier record breaking album ‘Young Kingz’ made the industry pay attention to the support that the duo…

  3. Marketing Yourself in the Digital Age

    01 Feb 2016
    A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my timeline, as usual. I’m always scrolling. I love Twitter. It gives me an opportunity to tell you what I think about. Whether you read it or not, it allows me to see what I think. That’s cool. Twitter has also been…

  4. Bugzy Malone in London

    07 Dec 2015
    Earlier this year, I was supposed to shoot with Bugzy Malone. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But the Bugzy team keep my contact details and when he performed in London I was invited to the show. Here is what I captured.  Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco …

  5. Merky in Nottingham

    22 Oct 2015
    It all starts with me at work about to configure a virtual server for a new application. My phone vibrates on my desk with a message from Stormy asking what i’m doing. Based on experience I already know what this was about. Stormzy knew too, which is probably why he…

  6. BBC 1Xtra Live in Leeds

    18 Oct 2015
    This year, I was able to gain front stage access to shoot the amazing artist at BBC 1Xtra Live in the new arena in Leeds. Big thanks to LinkUpTV and the 1Xtra staff. I had a great night. The performances were awesome!

  7. Renz - Impure EP Launch Party

    01 Oct 2015
    After finishing shooting behind the scenes footage at a videoshoot in West London, I went back to the East side to support my bro Renz on his new EP Launch, Impure. Big up the New Gens!

  8. CourtneyFPhoto at the GRM | KA Rated Awards

    18 Sep 2015

  9. SoundBox Festival

    28 Aug 2015
    My friend Nick from Certified UK gave a me call and asked if I would like to go to the SoundBox Festival in South London. I wasn’t doing anything on that Saturday so I thought hey, why not. Here is some of what I saw. @CourtneyFPhoto

  10. The Urban Renaissance

    23 Aug 2015
    I was scrolling through twitter and found an event which peaked my interest. It was called ‘The Urban Renaissance’ and it was curated by Bonkaz. Artist that he liked were put together to showcase the talents. I finished work early that day and figured that i’d make the short journey…

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